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Finney is a world’s open source blockchain for all-in-one PC and a smartphone. The technology is developed by Sirin Labs, a company that is behind the manufacture of ultra-secure mobile phone called Solarin. The company launched its crowd sale in October 2017. Finney devices are designed in such a way that emphasizes security. The Sirin Labs company states in its whitepaper as the first Blockchain enabled and cyber-protected mobile phone and PC”. Users can enjoy the functionality of Android at the same time embrace security when using Finney devices. The name is chosen from honor bitcoin pioneer Hall Finney, who died in 2014.

How Finney work?

Finney devices are blockchain based. All devices that are manufactured by Finney from an independent blockchain network, a distributed ledger that’s both lightweight and scalable. The ledger is powered by Sirin Lab’s in-house security ecosystem and IOTA’s Tangle technology. Using the Blockchain technology, Finney devices are free from mining centers and centralized backbones. The goal of using the technology is to provide users with secure, fast and fee-free transactions. The devices are also built on the SIRIN operating system. The SIRIN OS inherently supports the blockchain operations, including secure exchange access, a cold storage crypto wallet, encrypted communications and P2P resource sharing ecosystem.

SRN token

The SRN token is the only token that supports the Finney and all inherent blockchain applications. The SRN is the network’s default currency and supports transactions on the platform.


  • CPU: users can monetize Finney devices power while idle and sharing the idle computer power over the network.
  • Connectivity: You can stay connected using P2P data connection by sharing connectivity over the Finney devices network
  • Power: are you running low on battery, you can trade your battery power with other Finney users on the platform.
  • Day to day: receive and send payments securely on the Finney fee-less transaction system. The payments can be for services or from products on the network.

Finney products

There are two vital parts of the product lineup. The core parts include a PC, smartphone. Finney smartphone is the price at $999 and emphasizes impeccable design and ultra-security design. The PC, on the other hand, is an All-in-one PC priced at $799. The PC is built on the Thin Client practices.

About Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs was founded by Moshe Hogeg, who is also the CEO. Kenges Rakishev is the chairman of the network. The team behind Finney include a group of advisors among them Jeff Pulver, Steven Nerayoff and Guy Ben Artzi among others.

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