What is Fiinu?




Fiinu is a blockchain-based British banking start-up powered by Fiinuscore, a bespoke in-house engine that predicts the behavior of debtor more accurately. Fiinu is an authorized full bank that goes through authorization with a bank of England regulators and prudential regulation and Financial Conduct Authority. The bank has been developing its smart credit products since the beginning of this year. It has an overall aim of becoming part of Britain’s open banking revolution.

How it works

Fiinu describes itself as a blockchain friendly bank or blockchain bank. The goal of the bank is to create a place that supports the blockchain infrastructure, a place that is different from traditional banks that only accept the fiat currency like dollars and pounds. Fiinu specifically targets its services towards those who feel underserved by the banking scene in Britain. Most of them are underserved because of bad credit or no credit, Fiinu wants to give these people an opportunity the bank and get loans whenever they want.

A key part of Fiinu is the Fiinuscore credit rating where it promises to lend responsibly to consumers against crypto-based assets. These consumers include individual and small business. They aim to help them with short-term credit needs with overdraft whilst that encourage financial resiliency. The rating system also takes into account factors that traditional banks don’t. It allows Fiinu to offer lending services to people even if they don’t have the traditional signal that makes then good debtors and lenders.

Fiinu features

  • Digital asset marketplace: Fiinu wants to form strategic partnerships and alliance with digital asset exchanges. It also wants to use the APIs to offer customers access to exchanges through the Fiinu app.
  • Blockchain-based: the bank is committed to joining larger blockchain-based settlement network to allow for access and settlement payment at cheaper rates.
  • Credit backed digital assets: borrowers of Fiinu can take loans denominated and repaid in national currency at the same time collateralized their digital assets.
  • PCA and BIO: Fiinu used the Personal current account (PCA) and bank independent overdraft (BIO) to allow the customer to establish a safety net for their accounts.

The use of smart technology

Fiinu uses the blockchain and smart contract technologies. After it receives authorization from the bank of England, it plans to offer full-service bank accounts to users. The account will offer the same benefits people enjoy in a traditional bank and much more. As an authorized bank, your assets are fully protected by FSCS when banking with Fiinu.


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