FedoraCoin (TIPS)



FedoraCoin (TIPS) is a digital asset that acts as the medium of exchanges that like other crypto coins in the crypto market. FedoraCoin was introduced in 2013 as an anonymous and openly sourced currency that shares a lot in common with other platforms such as the bitcoin. Fedora is a mixture of Dogecoin and Litecoin and the reason for its introduction, it’s because it allows users to tip each on the FedoraCoin. The tips are used as a form of gratitude in the crypto market and online community.

Apart from being a currency exchange, Fedora is also used as a conventional money for products and services payment as well and an investment tool. The platform is used to pay for services and goods in most platforms on the crypto market due to its most convenient, secured and liable system. It can be used anytime and anywhere in the country.

The Fedora wallet

For user or people who want to use FedoraCoin, you first have to own a Fedora Wallet. The Fedora wallet has a specific address used officially to receive and send tips to other users. The platform and its wallet provide an easy to use interface that enables users to send text messages and perform other services. You won’t need brokers or any intermediaries to send and receive money. The algorithm system called the Script is used to organize system all your coin distribution and transactions.

FedoraCoin has a mechanism that makes the system and platform ten times faster than other platforms including Bitcoin. The well-designed mechanism and smooth operation used in the currency exchange platform allows users to instantly send and receive payments. The platform was released under the MIT license and it has been verified as a safe and secure site that you can handle all your transactions including large transactions.


The platform has a Mining platform that offers a record keeping service.  Miners can keep a close look at the transaction by tracking the blockchain consistency. The record-keeping services repeatedly collect and verify the new broadcast transaction as a transaction set called the “Block”. Each block has information about the previous blocks.

FedoraCoin has an Altcoins that can be efficiently used for payments. The Altcoins provide instant confirmation and faster transactions where multiple algorithms are used to target regular computers and the GPUS used by people. Since there is no sole owner of the platform and the coin, users don’t pay a specific fee or transfer money to anyone. This allows them to send and receive money and wealth securely, anonymously, instantly and free.


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