What is FansUnite?

FansUnite (FAN)



Sports betting is gaining momentum in today’s world, the sports betting industry is experiencing a massive increase because of the number of platform and companies that are engaging in sports betting’s. Fans Unite is a Blockchain based sports betting platform with a mission to revolutionize the sports betting industry. The platform uses the power of the Ethereum Blockchain to harness the industry and provide more secure, cheaper, verifiable and transparent betting. Why is the platform useful and what are its features.

Features of FansUnite

  • Trustless betting: uses can utilize the power of the smart contracts that allows them to bind agreements to be immutably entered on the blockchain. They can say goodbye to the voids of bets and post-match manipulation due to incorrect lines.
  • Transparency: FansUnite offers unparalleled transparency through facets of operations from smart contracts architecture to corporate governance and financial performance on the platform.
  • Security and privacy: Users can maintain their privacy using the platform when betting. FansUnite is able to hide anonymity of your public blockchain address which means no personal information or financial information is centrally stored.
  • Best odds: FansUnite plans to revolutionize the way people pay when it comes and margins. Instead of 2-5% paying margin the platform charge an industry leading 1% margin to win your bets.
  • Fast payouts: after winning, users are guaranteed hybrid Oracle system. Gain the efficacy and speed of a centralized data source, combined with assurance and safety of a decentralized approach.
  • Cooperative community: You are free to join a community where you are rewarded for helping others. Once you follow other bettors’ picks or are your betters, you get rewarded for these actions which make the community better.

The FansUnite team

The FansUnite management and advisory team include Darius Eghdamj, CEO, Duncan Mclntyre, COO, Shafin Tejani, CEO, victory square technologies and Peter Smyrniotis, advisor among others. The development team is led by Ryan Cimiszko and Stephen Rothwell.


FansUnite inception took place on January 16, 2014, but the alpha launch was on September 1, 2014. The platform launched its first iteration of the platform which grew to 5,000 bettors. On April 22, 2015, FansUnite launched its Beta version which was fully designed with new UI and better analyses for performance. In 2016, it launched the Bounty program, reached 500 in stack and baseball data services.

Token Sale, FansUnite plans for the Token generation event in the Q1 of 2018. The FAN token which is the backbone of the platform will be made available. The document and the token will also be released soon.

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