What is Exxor?

Exxor (EXX)



Exxor is a cryptocurrency with a vision of connecting all the world devices into a single DAF based network. The cryptocurrency is based on the internet of things and it is fine-tuned to provide users with efficient M2M interactions in the IoT industry. Instead of using the blockchain technology. Exxor uses the directed Acrylic Graphs which allow for high scalability, offline transaction and zero fees on microtransactions. Exxor is an idea of technology and connection that enables companies to build and grow their future.

How does Exxor work?

By combining IoT data with cognitive computing, Exxor help business to extract valuable insights to improve every aspect of the operations. It enables new business models and innovation. Companies like Apple and Samsung promise users that most of their devices will be IoT compatible by 2020 Exxor allows millions of IoT installed on the internet of things market size. The uses the EXX token on its transactions and services. An EXX token is equivalent to $0.20 USD.

Benefits of Exxor IoT technology

IoT is an emerging technology coupled with a blockchain. The value of connected devices worth $4.4 trillion is it’s still rising. By integrating the blockchain technology with IoT, Exxor are able to give its users maximum benefits of the platform. Some of the benefits include:

  • A decentralized system where ledgers are distributed to every entity on the network
  • The ability to backtrack activities with guaranteed validity, making it easier to make contracts
  • A trust system that does not require any entities for users to know each other on the network
  • Tracking certifications and activities to where they originate from. People can track the whole process and make sure the process is accompanied by a digital passport for authenticity and origin.
  • Sharing of incredible records with insurers and regular bodies
  • Ability to provide microtransaction services considerable speeds and elimination of middlemen.
  • IoT can be scaled down to make smart home IoT ecosystem with cryptography

The Exxor team

The Exxor team is led by CEO by Kelvin Rodgers, Katherine Kaplan, software engineer, Tobby Moss, Blockchain engineer, Sasha Ivanov, network admin and software engineer among others. Kevin has a strong working knowledge of algorithms and data structure. He is well-versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle and has proven to be successful and improved business operation, processes and profitability. Katherine, on the other hand, has high skills, enthusiastic advocate and adaptive engineers of emerging technology. She has helped companies to better administer their networking environment.


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