What is Expanse?

What is Expanse?

Expanse (EXP)



Expanse (EXP) is a form of digital cryptocurrency. The platform is a decentralized, in which EXP users can freely express ideas and bring solutions to any member’s problem. According to Dan Conway, the co-founder of EXP, he believes that through Blockchain, people will feel more connected to one another. EXP plants to continue to grow and evolve to reward its users, stakeholders, and investors for the upcoming years to come.


EXP is a self-funded fork of Ethereum. Fork means a clone of something. It is done when some issues are happening on a particular project just like having pending transactions. If the developers wanted to upgrade or create a new block for the chain, that is called- fork. The EXP platform is looking forward to stepping ahead Ethereum.


Conway, also a blockchain developer further added that the Expanse is not limited only by the imagination, but they are dedicated to making dreams to become a reality. The platform allows people to expand their board for help to other EXP community users situated anywhere in the world


How EXP works?


Their blockchain-based platform allows users to download their software application and use it for governance services with almost no costs or completely free services. Their wallet is open to anyone who wished to gain EXP coins or send some to fellow Expanse users.


The community users will be able to contribute votes during elections worldwide. The system will be based on “one-person, one vote”. It is a tamper-proof voting method, easy to use, and accurate so, everyone can participate with fewer hassles to face.  



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