What is Everus?

Everus (EVR)


As the cryptocurrency adoption and the utility grows at a steady rate. People need to think about the near future, its inclusive benefits and trajectory points. It is accepted by various organizations and event several governments. With this eventuality, Everus technologies have built an Everus platform with the aim of leading the way to real-life solutions and not just real-life applications.

EVR platform

Releases a cryptocurrency

Everus technology released and Everus cryptocurrency (EVR) which is based on the Ethereum infrastructure. The EVR is the official cryptocurrency that fuels that Everus platform and perpetuates commerce and expansion of Everus World.

Build an Open commercial ecosystem

EVR technologies have built an open commercial ecosystem, the Everus world. The Everus World is a global ecosystem that is populated by merchants, consumers and traders, it features commercial blockchain applications such as P2P marketplaces, shopping and payments, P2P micro-financing and civil service.

Market research and listening

The project allows for continuous in-depth engagement, learning, and observation of the evolving changeless and needs of the cryptocurrency users and future regulators.

Bridge the consumer-regulator gap

As security commissions, governments, financial institution, and other policymakers benefit from using cryptocurrencies. Everus main aim is to bridge the consumer-regulator gap with solutions that aid compliance and manage the gap.

Global blockchain and execute regional initiatives

Everus does more than just outreach and campaigns. It utilizes smart contracts and cryptocurrency to solve problems in areas like military applications, wealth disparity and governance, disaster relief and financial education.

Everus features

EVR token: The EVR token is an ERC20 standard token. The platform is also an ERC20 that makes it easier for compatible tokens to be supported by new services and projects on the Ethereum platform. This also allows for tokenization of other feature like voting rights and building smart contracts.

PoS Mining: Everus uses the PoS standard to mine their tokens. The features tackle the issue of energy conservation, the speed of transactions and security.

Advanced security: The platform uses an API that operates across multiple eco-system platforms modules and libraries. The API provides various security services like certificate management, cryptography and plug into the CSSM.


The project was founded by Alex Johnson, who is also the CFO. According to the Johnson, ”in order to strike a balance and exploit the full potential of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, the two need to observe in an equitable manner. The team also comprises of other team members, developers, and engineers.

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