What is Everex?

Everex (EVX)


Gaining access to credit and transferring money across international borders is time consuming, complicated and expensive. Everex (EVX) is a platform that focuses on solving the financial inclusion problems by using the blockchain technology. They are leveraging online payment, microlending, cross-border remittance, currency exchange and online payment. All these services will be available on Everex without the volatility issues of existing cryptocurrencies. Everex should not be confused by the Everex laptop manufacturer that was founded in 1983, but it is rather a different company focused on building platforms for the cross-border transaction with blockchain security and real-time settlement.

Everex features

Everex has four main features that help the platform to stand out and achieve its goals. These features include:

Direct payments:

with just a click of a button, users can pay vendors and service providers.

Instant money transfer:

You don’t need to search for other means of transferring money if you have Everex. Users can transfer fiat money globally instantaneously.


Everex platform accepts different currencies. Users can borrow money in one currency and pay back using a different currency. They accept fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

Foreign exchange:

user can also buy foreign currency on the platform at best rates.

Other features include

  • Mobile payments: using the mobile payments, users can pay services providers and vendors instantaneously.
  • Easy cashout: people can withdraw cash sent to them using local exchanges, ATMs, and retailers worldwide.
  • Borderless and inclusive: the cryptocash currencies are fully backed and have valuable escrows for anyone who wants to access them.

Everex token

Everex uses the EVX token, the token serves two main objectives which include the token being the fuel in the internal reward system in the ecosystem and being part of the governance component of the transfer system. EVX is used on members, tradable credit scores and collateral and incentive mechanism.

Who can use the EVX platform?

Everex main aim is to improve the remittance industry and solves issues like high exchange fee, lengthy delays, and lines at currency exchanges. The platform can be used by migrant workers and their families, tourist and expats, and NGOs, Governments and Aid organizations.


Everex team comprised of 9 members who have extensive experience in the blockchain industry and the Ethereum. The CEO/founder of the platform is Alexi Lane, and Alexander Kakunoc is the co-founder and the CTO. Other include Evgeni Mitkov, COO mi Duangporn, Banking relationship manager and Anna Vladi among others.

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