What is Ethos (Voyager Token )?

Voyager Token -Ethos (BQX)


Today, the cryptocurrency market has a market cap of about $230 billion. However, if you compare asset allocation in the market, it is primitive. Ethos wants to make cryptocurrencies a legitimate investment vehicle that developer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and newbies can use by modernizing asset allocation.

What is Ethos?

Ethos , Formerly Bitquence (BQX)is a cryptocurrency platform based in Silicon Valley. The company held a successful token crowdsale, the crowdsale was help and June 28. Ethos offers a universal wallet platform that comes with its own liquidity network, a social network which will enable wisdom of the crowd and a portfolio management features. With a vision of creating a more accessible cryptocurrency platform for newbies, Bitquence is also more usable and transferable platform in the cryptocurrency world. The overall goal of Ethos is to make it easier and safe for everyone to participate in the economy.

With Ethos, users can own a variety of cryptocurrencies without the need to conduct multiple purchases or the need for multiple wallets. In addition, users can enjoy the best liquidity even across the cryptocurrency market and across obscure altcoins.  If you contributed ETH to any crowdsale held by Ethos, you are eligible for beta access to the Bitquence platform.

How does it work?

Ethos is a combination of an investment service and a wallet. It is easy to participate in the digital economy using the Ethos platform. With just one click Ethos Platform allows you to purchase a basket of cryptocurrencies designed with an investment goal in mind. This means, if you are an investor, you can participate in the digital economy at the same time protecting your investments. Instead of purchasing a bunch of bitcoins or ETH, you can expose yourself as an investor to new markets while still relying on popular cryptocurrencies as your stable backbone.

Ethos features

Ethos is a platform created by an average user in mind. Some of the key features found on the Ethos platform include:

  • Easy to Setup: when you access the platform, there are no hidden costs including the setup fee. It has a rapid asset allocation and manages wallets that help let you quickly diversify value.
  • Transparency and simplicity: all asset allocations are fully accessible and transparent. You don’t buy asset mysteriously as you know what you buy.
  • High liquidity and access: the deposit and withdrawals are made easy as all asset allocations diversify in liquid assets. You can use the Bitquence Liquidity Network to do transactions instantly.

Community Consensus and Mobile wallet are other features available at the Ethos platform. The platform is led by CEO Shingo Lavine.

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