What is Ethino?





Ethino is the first ERC20 Ethereum casino. Ethino is a casino Dapp that operates entirely on the Ethereum network and the only one to offer ERC20 wagers and ERC20 payouts. The War is the first casino game on the platform. In the game, players face off against the house where each payout and wager is completely processed through transparent and fair Ethereum contract. The goal of the network is to achieve a premier gambling experience for their clients and a steady stream of profits for their token holders.

Issues that Ethino solve

The current implementation of online casino gambling has problems that affect the online casinos, platforms, and their users. The problems include trust, transparency and processing time. Ethino promises to solve these problems. How is it going to do that?


Online casinos suffer from requirements that do not enable users to retain control of your funds. The requirements introduce unneeded risk for users since they cannot trust their funds with the casinos. Ethino gives its users the control over their funds at all times. They can check their funds anytime they want. The platform ensures user funds are safely in their possession all the time.


Since traditional online casinos lack the required transparency that enables players to calculate their odds, this means that most players are not sure of what they can earn and how to calculate their earnings. Ethino has the entire war card age contracting that runs on the Ethereum network. Users can scrutinize all the processes on the network to ensure provable fairness and transparency.

Processing time

Most online casinos take a long time to process deposits and withdrawals. In some instances, you have to wait for a day and two before you access your funds. Ethino processing time is instantaneous. A payout occurs directly into your wallet in an instant. The speed of the processing time on the Ethino platform is unmatched by traditional online casinos.

How to play

Ethino war cards game is played using a six standard 52 card decks. The cards are ranked like poker with aces followed by the king, queen, jack, 10 and so on.

Due to the open nature of the Ethereum smart contracts. The Ethino bankroll is secure and safe. Each wager is safe. There are no black boxes on where funds are stored. The platform is transparent and secure for everyone who wants to use it.



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