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Are you looking for a cryptocurrency platform where you can write, manage and execute smart contracts across multiple Blockchains? Etherparty is the cryptocurrency that can offer you what you are looking for. Etherparty (Fuel) is a contract wizard that allows anyone to create, manage and execute smart contracts on any blockchain with any complexity. It allows users zero knowledge of smart contracts programming to a self-execute digital agreement for any kind of transaction. It enables end-to-end contract creation and deployment on the platform.

What are the features of Etherparty?

The project has many features that make things simple for its users. Some of the features that make Etherparty a referable cryptocurrency platform include

Template Library

Etherparty platform has template library that helps users create their own custom contract templates. With the Contract Wizard to guide you, you have the ability to choose from a variety of data-oracles, contract-clauses, and data sources.

Continues security testing

Etherparty makes sure to test all Smart Contracts before making them available in the template library. They have security experts who audit solidity code on your customer contracts to make sure there are no surprises once it is launched on the Cutwork.

Fully managed

Etherparty is a fully managed solution that can be used to create Smart contracts. It handles everything from security testing, managing the transaction fees, launching smart contracts on the blockchain and monitoring tools throughout the entire process of creating Smart Contracts.

Drag and drop contract builder

Etherparty has a sophisticated user interface that uses drag and drops contract builder that allows users to visually construct customer contracts.

What can you do with Fuel?

Etherparty is a platform that has smart contract solution that enables services from cross-industry applications to financial services to fit your contractual needs. Here are some of the rings that you can do using Etherparty. You can use it for

  • Sports wagering
  • Peer to peer escrow contracts
  • Token creation
  • Contractor agreements
  • Supply chain management
  • Real estate agreements

Users of Etherparty can look forward to other features like a mobile app, smart contract marketplace and library and multi blockchain integration being incorporated into the network soon. Today, Etherparty is a working appealing developed onto Ethereum’s Rosten Testnet and end to end contract creation. It has a selection of smart contract types that are currently available, including crowdfunding, token creation, and sports betting, but the network is looking forward to incorporating more smart contract types. The leaders of Etherparty include Kevin Hobbs the CEO, Lisa Cheng, the founder and Brian Onn the architect among others.


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