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Etheroll (DICE)


Etheroll (DICE) is a decentralized online casino platform.It also allows the users to place bets and win Ether through a dice roll game. DICE only offers one game, and that is called the “dice roll.” The players will have to predict the roll of a 100-sided dice. Each roll is going to be backed up with a smart contract. The ETH reward will only be given to the rightful winner. Being that, who has predicted the right side the dice have landed after it was rolled.

Anyone can play Etheroll online. There will be no deposits or signing-required to be able to join the game. The player will just have to use the Mist browser and navigate the website to place his/her bet. Each roll is secure with the use of smart contracts.

Etheroll Video Explanation

How does it work?

This gaming platform only revolves in a single dice game. The players will be allowed to pick the bet size and their chance of winning before starting to roll the dice. After one roll from another, if the player chooses to stay in the game after winning, the difficulty will increase, so as the winning rewards increases, which will be given in the form of Ethereum value.

If you win, the rewards are going to be paid directly to your account. There will be no third parties involved in the transactions because DICE is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The DICE platform claims to take a 1% house edge to make money. According to DICE’ developers, their main aim is to provide players an online gaming casino environment in which there is minimal transaction fees deducted and a tiny house edge.

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