What is Ethereum Movie Venture?

Ethereum Movie Venture (EMV)


The Swiss-Australian-Irish production company has established the world’s first Ethereum-funded platform known as the Ethereum Movie Venture. Not to mention, that the EMV Venture as commonly known as a feature film with its own blockchain coin and a smart contract. It is decentralized blockchain based movie platform and the first project of this sort. The platform is financed by the Ethereum Movie Venture Token pre-sale. The tokens are ERC20 tokens and can either be bought at Ethereum exchanges or buy an early bird movie tickets. They are also found at Tickets.

The Ethereum Movie venture ( EMV) project adopts the advantages of the blockchain technologies like the Ethereum and the Bitcoin to implement the decentralized and independence concept and be trusted by parities like intermediaries or banks. Investors can buy the EMVenture token and use them on prediction markets and traded on various exchanges.

Key features on the Ethereum Movie venture

The EMV has key features that help the project to offer better services to its customers. Some of the features include:

Trade on exchanges

There is no one who wants to engage in the cryptocurrency projects that does not offer them the opportunity to trade on other crypto exchanges. The EMV offer users the opportunity to trade on almost all the exchanges they want to. The token is tradable on various exchanges.

Blockchain token

The EMV Token is a certified ERC-20 Ethereum Token, which means that the token is live on the Ethereum Blockchain. It can be used for various functions on the platform.

Blockchain ticketing

Most projects don’t allow customers to pay the streaming version of movies using the Ethereum and other crypto wallets. The EMV platform allows customers to pay for the movie they stream using their Ethereum Wallet.


The Ethereum Movie Venture 3 phase TGE guarantees users a diffusion from early adopters to the general crypto community to mainstream consumers.

The EMV has taken a different approach to the cryptocurrency. As a certified ERC20 token, the EMVenture tokens are connected to the Pitts Circus. This means that the token holder has the opportunity to enjoy the films profits until the years 2036. Token holders are also given a vote in future movie projects. In short, the Ethereum Movie venture project is a breakthrough project. As a result, it demonstrates how cryptocurrency aids in film production crowdfunding .By helping in rising the public awareness of the blockchain technology and the digital currency.

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