What is Ethereum Dark?

Ethereum Dark (ETHD)


Ethereum dark is a brand new decentralized, open-source, secure and anonymous cryptocurrency platform that heavily focuses on PoS and pushes with new developments weekly. Ethereum dark is a Peer to peer network that allows users to send transactions to anyone. The fast operation gives users a peace of mind when they are trading and transacting in the platform. Another thing that makes the platform unique is some charges users make for transactions. The user can grow and perform more transaction by paying lower fees per transaction.

At the time, Ethereum Dark has completed a massive airdrop, and they are working on their Proof of Work phase. Ethereum dark is also currently working with a mobile wallet developer so that their ETHD wallet has an iOS and Android wallets. The wallet is on the Google Play Store and the App Store. The Ethereum token (ETHD) can be exchanged on various exchanges such CoinExchange  , Bittrex and Nova exchange.

Ethereum Dark payments

Ethereum Dark payments are published on the public blockchain, but the amount of a transaction, sender, and recipient remain private. The cryptocurrency offers both transparent and private transaction types. The price of the Ethereum Dark is 1 ETHD to USD is 0.57. To make it simple, the price of one Ethereum Dark cost around 0.28 beers or one Ethereum Dark cost around 0 iPhones.

Ethereum Dark vision

Ethereum Dark vision converges around certain aspects of the platform and these aspects that have made altcoins profitable and successful. The key aspects involve:

A scalable user-friendly platform that is easily adopted. With a constant update, ETHD is looking for the best to adoption to the ever-changing conditions. The platform has planned an:

  • Initial release of the coin in the market
  • Bounty reward system
  • Release wallet and blockchain explorer from macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Integrate of smart contracts
  • Integrate of cross chain swapping
  • Working on creating their subreddit.
  • Ethereum dark mining, wallet and Dark links

Users can mine the Ethereum Dark token ETHD on the platform. Mining of the ETHD is performed on the GPU, CPU and other devices. The platform uses the ETHD wallet to provide consumers a place where they can store their acquired ETHD, the wallets can be downloaded from Ethereum Dark official website, Google play store and App Store. Ethereum dark is similar to other cryptocurrencies like the MorningStar, granite, OmiseGO, 1337 and Wowecoin.



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