What is EtherBTC?




EtherBTC (ETHB) is a form of digital hybrid cryptocurrency which combines the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin to create a hybrid cryptocurrency that is instant, simple to use, stable, and low-cost. The platform is not a penny share platform, which pays dividends (amount of money paid to shareholders out of its profits).  


Instead, EtherBTC is a decentralized peer to peer currency that allows its users to complete transactions much faster, simpler and more economically. Decentralized by the way means that the platform will never be controlled by any single organization or person such as government, banks and middleman in the future. ETHB will also be based on Ethereum, which means ETHB will be facilitating smart contracts (set of rules and regulations that every party involved in the contract should follow).


Hybrid cryptocurrency allows the sender to send a large amount of data to the recipient. The sender will have to send a key called the “128-bit” which will be used later for the encryption process. The recipient will encrypt that key with his/her public key which is widely available and the recipient can share that with anyone he/she pleases. Once he/she has encrypted that data with the use of his/her public key, he/she is now transmitting the encrypted data, which cannot be intercepted by unauthorized individuals.

Once that encrypted message gets to the recipient, the recipient can then use their private key. Which only he/she should have access to decrypt the message that was sent to him/her by the sender. Once he/she decrypts the message, they now have access to the “128-bit” session key. With the use of the hybrid cryptography, both the sender and the receiver will have the same key, which will be transmitted securely.


EtherBTC is cryptocurrency that combines both affordability and ease of the Ethereum blockchain to provide a stable digital currency that can be exchanged from and stored in using any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 (token type) tokens. The market cap of ETHB is 21,000,000 coins.


How does it work?


The ETHB works like Bitcoin, which means that its users will be able to store, pay, and receive payments from anyone in the world. The user will be required to setup a wallet called “MyEther Wallet.” The users will also have to save their keys file and store both of their private and public keys in a safe place. According to ETHB developers that they highly recommend for their users to use a USB flash drive that comes with a printed paper wallet as a backup.


For the “MyEther Wallet” to facilitate in completing the transactions, the users are recommended to have at least 0.100 ETHB in their wallets. This digital cryptocurrency is also based on Ethereum, which means that its supply can be increased to support and facilitate the increasing number of applications. The ETHB’s developers have further added, that when the Bitcoin and Ethereum are combined, it will be able to provide a currency that is stable, exchangeable, and can be increased.  


ETHB’s ICO will start on the twelfth of August, the year 2017 at 7 pm PST and ends on the fourteenth of August at 11:59 PM PST. When the 10, 000, 000 ETHBs are sold on or before 14th of August, the ICO will end. According to the ETHB’s website, if some of the coins will not be sold, the coins will be available in the exchanges.  

For more information, please go to ETHERBTC.

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