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ErosCoin is an efficient platform developed for payment process. The platform empowers and enhances payment systems. It also increases the efficiency of sending and decreases the cost associated with money transfers. People can send or receive money instantly using the platform. There are a variety of benefits of using ErosCoin. Some of the benefits include no middlemen, low fees, and no barriers.

ErosCoin features

Micropayment system

Other payment services sometimes involve too many expensive processes to send or receive many. ErosCoin transactions are cost-effective and time-saving. The platform is developed on the most efficient and faster blockchain network and you will be charged very little. Other times you won’t be charged anything at all. Users of the platform can easily develop their payment services once they join the platform developed by ErosCoin.

In chat instant payment

This feature is a very efficient feature that allows people to send money via self-regulated smart contracts. Unlike other payment methods that use force for a member to remember the address of the person that you want to send to, The ErosCoin platform allows you to send payment without putting many barriers. Sending money using the platform is simple as sending a message while chatting with your friends.

Web Wallet services

Web Wallet services allow users to make transactions that are both non-commercial and commercial efficiently and quickly. The feature is truly appreciated on ErosCoin, which means you can collect donations, accept payments instantly and pay bills.

Mobile Wallet

ErosCoin has integrated iOS and Android mobile wallet that users can use to send and receive payments. This means people can send money instantly to other users in a secure manner without the need to have a bank account. To ensure your transaction are secured, the receiver is required to have an ErosCoin blockchain address that is authentic.

P2P Payment services

P2P is the latest payment method that is used in the payment industry. Many payment services are establishing this form of payment. ErosCoin has established an efficient P2P payment that is simple, super-fast and free to transfer money from a person to another. There are no middlemen involved.

Mobile payment integration

ErosCoin has a very innovative mobile payment that is convenient and flexible. Users can integrate this payment method with a mobile platform of their choice.

About ErosCoin

ErosCoin platform is formed by Eros Foundation which is committed to helping in projects with funding including financial, legal and technical aspects. It is led by Tony Sousa, Hardik Zadafiya, and David Blottie among others.



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