What is Envion?

Envion (EVN)



Envion is the future of smart decentralized blockchain infrastructure. Envion embarks on a vision to be the world’s most profitable standard of crypto infrastructure. The platform has a goal to create highly-profitable, global crypto-mining infrastructure contained in shipping containers. It plans to deliver shipping containers directly to energy sources to minimize the cost of energy transfers. The end result of the system is a mobile mining solution hosted in standardized containers, play development and ready for a plug at any energy source worldwide.

How does Envion work?

Envion works by deploying rigs in CSC shipping containers.  The units of mining promise to be indefinitely scalable because of the uses of low-cost, efficient and available hardware. The shipping containers will be filled with everything that’s needed to operate a mining operation.

Core features and benefits

Accessing cheap energy: There is a tumbling of electricity prices at Photovoltaic plants due to the price-collapse of solar panels. Envion mining units monetize virtually free local overcapacities.

Patented cooling: Envision has a patented cooling system that is 40 times more efficient than traditional data centers. This allows them to reach unprecedented power efficiency.

Extremely mobile: These shipping containers can be shipped to any energy sources using multiple types of transportation methods. Envion has come up with a ready solution of deploying these shipping containers are an energy source.

Remotely maintained: Envion’s cutting-edge unit management platform is the one that connects all unit to one global, decentralized network, the process is through the use of redundant satellite and 4G connections.

High growth: The platform has a reinvestment strategy which allows them to grow their fleet of mobile mining units. The company claims that investors can enjoy significant profits from small investments.

Fully scalable: Envion emphasizes on scalability through mobile usage and efficient low-cost hardware. It also has optimized proprietary management hardware that guarantees excellent scalability.

Basically, Envion decentral concept allows for unprecedented usage of small to mid-sized power hubs. It is the only global mining operation that is not tied to problems like hardware shortages, energy price spikes, stationary fixed locations and governmental issues. The platform has access to the world’s lowest priced energy sources. They make access to even the smallest free inverter/transformer stations on the planet.

Envion separates its mining operations into two models which include a third-party operation (TPO) and proprietary mining operations (PMO). PMO means the platform will produce its own fleet of containers. TPO means Envion will produce and operate the MMUs.



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