What is Enjin Coin?

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If you are a content creator, game server or game publisher, Enjin is introducing a new cryptocurrency platform that gives you an easy solution for implementing virtual goods. The new platform is known as the Enjin Coin. The project has a real value for anyone who wants to use it in their gameplay and communities. The Token is integrated into the already existing Enjin CMS and is used by millions of users.

What is Enjin?

Enjin(ENJ) is the largest gaming community creation platform online. With Enjin Coin, people can enable the creation of tokens that represent tools, currencies. Limited resources, privileges and even unique contracts and blueprints in a bid to bridge the gap in the real world. A player can earn resources, building materials, and tools by performing complex tasks in online games. With the hosting of over 250000 gaming communities and more than 18 million users, the Enjin is a major social gaming website platform worldwide. The platform now sees over 60 million global views per month.

Enjin features

The project has developed tools that help game serves, game publishers and communities manage in-game items and virtual goods across multiple platforms. The platform uses its token, the ENJ, and smart contracts to provide the core decentralized functionality on the platform. The ENJ is an ERC20 token that is based on the Ethereum network. The token and smart contracts can be used as payment gateway contracts, mint contracts, smart wallet contracts, subscription contracts and much more.

Tokens and Smart contracts create and manage virtual goods

Communities and games can use the ENJ to mint unique privilege tokens, in-game items, and currencies. Anyone holding the coin can convert these assets back into ENJs.

Easy automatic payments

Enjin is a fast, easy to use Ethereum Network. Users can use automatic payments or receive transaction request on the phone wallets from websites or gamers they trust. The transaction request serves as invoices that can be denied or accepted with a single touch.

The ENJ Smart wallet

Mobile and PC users can experience the Enjin wallet by linking it with websites and games they trust. The Wallet is used to receive subscription and transaction request for a trusted platform.

The Enjin platform has other features like the decentralized payment gateway and subscriptions. All the features of the platform offer incredible support for users, create a website on Enjin and access instant exposure to all their games.

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