What is Emercoin ?

What is Emercoin ?

Emercoin (EMC)




Emercoin (EMC) is a form of digital currency, which is based on the blockchain technology- which can solve many of the world’s problems such as the forging of ownership and identity documents. The need for complex password-based authentication systems and the censorship of data across the internet.


How EMC works?


EMC is a leading digital currency and a shared ledger platform that focuses on creating accurate, innovative services that revolutionize the way the world conducts business. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology Emercoin has created ready to use services that scale to fit the diverse needs of all users from governments and banking institutions to the rapidly growing consumer base.

Emercoin Video

Emercoin platform also specializes in the development implementation and support of custom-made tools to help its user utilize the EMC blockchain to its full potential with an internationally comprised team that shares a unified vision. According to EMC developers, they have purposely designed and created EMC to becomes one of the top digital currencies in the world.


The developers have further added, that they believe that the blockchain technology platform will soon be used by millions of people around the globe to pay bills and buy goods. EMC’s wallet is extremely new crypto-user friendly. People could also use EMC as a storage for their digital or electronic business cards, which is more secure and safer.



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