What is Embleema?

Embleema- PatientTruth


The cryptocurrency and blockchain industries have seen an increase in the number of platforms that deals with medical records. The most recent one is the Embleema. The Embleema is a relatively recent platform that uses the blockchain technology to store medical records. The prototype of the Embleema Company is known as the PatientTruth. This prototype of the primary product was completed in 2017 and the company is still trying to boost this product.

 What is PatientTruth?

PatientTruth is a software that uses the blockchain technology to securely and electronically store and disseminate medical records. The blockchain technology is more portable and secure than other systems used for medical storage. It is also the top choices when it comes to electronic banking of medical records.

What issues does Embleema Company solve?

The company seeks to solve two main vulnerabilities of storing medical records. The first problems the company seeks to solve is the security issues. Has a result of hackers always targeting users medical records, many people are losing their medical data. The Embleema aims to solve this issue by providing the most secure medical record storage.

The second issue is the lack of proper dissemination of medical records. The work on the platform is to code and store medical records in collection blocks. Every block will contain information that connects it to the next block. The information can be altered in a single block without affecting the whole collection.

What is the technology behind the PatientTruth?

The Technology behind PatientTruth helps in advancing the face of the health industry. The level of security will significantly increase and the will also be an increase in the rate at which records and distributed and stored.

Benefits of Embleema PatientTruth

The following are the benefits of the Embleema’s PatientTruth:

  • The user interface is easy to use, though it has a sophisticated design.
  • PatientTruth makes use of health levels to make sure it is readable for all data in the electronic medical records.
  • The source of the company is available for scrutiny by programmers on Github. This provides all the security and information needed by its users
  • PatientTruth does not violate its patient privacy. The security program is in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Embleema offers its patient and used an innovative opportunity and enormous benefits. The system has already invested in a large number of medical innovations to offer users the best medical storage possible.

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