What is Embercoin?

Embercoin (EMB)


Embercoin is a decentralized, open-sources blockchain that has an interesting crypto coin available. The coin has click-bait features that draw crypto lovers and other people who want to experience crypto coin to it. Embercoin is mined through the proof of Stake method and allows people to mine the coin without behaving expensive GPU’s and ASIC Setup. Users need a virtual wallet to mine the Embercoin before using it for services and products on different exchanges. Some of the features that make people have sleepless nights waiting for Embercoin include:

Fast and secure transactions

Being a decentralized, transparent and open-sources blockchain, Embercoin blockchain facilitates fast, reliable and secure transaction across various crypto platforms and a large network of users.


The masternodes feature on Embercoin offers remote staking capabilities to users, the capabilities have never been seen on other platforms and blockchain and enable users to receive large block rewards.

Profitable staking

All staking performed on the blockchain are profitable. The blockchain offers the most profitable investment opportunities. The rewarding rates can go up to 720% per year when you are staking on the network.

Embercoin also plans to add brand new features on the blockchain. These brand new features will help the blockchain to meet its innovation plans in the blockchain technology. These brand new features include:

  • Storage capability and utilization of critical network infrastructure.
  • New wallet release for windows release. The wallet has new features and bug fixes.
  • Surrogate coins which mean the coin will have both real portion and an on and off ghost multi-split options
  • Remote staking that helps in inserting coins into the remote server at the click of a button.
  • One deterministic key that offers access with end-to-end encryption for simple and straightforward backup

How does the Embercoin wallet work?

For you to use the Embercoin, you need to follow these simple steps. The steps to follow are:

  • Buying coins from an exchange
  • Download the latest version of the Embercoin wallet
  • Send the coins you have bought to your wallet
  • Encrypt your wallet and stake your coins.

Who is behind Embercoin Blockchain?

The Embercoin team comprises of extraordinary professional and other team members. Andrew is the lead developer and Architect on the platform among other. All team members can use their real names on their profile or their usernames. However, there are contributors, developers, advisors, and other personnel as part of the Embercoin blockchain team.

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