What is Electroneum?

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum (ETN)




Cryptocurrencies are hard to come by, especially those that are simple to use and easy to manage. Eletroneum is British cryptocurrency developed to be used in leap forwards in the accessibility of the cryptocurrencies. Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency that is simple to use and powered by an app. The platform id using its token sale to raise funds for further development of the Electroneum platform. Some of the benefits that Electroneum offers its users include:

  • Enormous market that opens up to over 2.2 billion smartphone users
  • Disruptive technology where it present users a vast leap forward in accessibility and ease of use of a cryptocurrency.
  • Awesome team of developers and engineers with proven success records.

The  Electroneum team

The Eletroneum platform has been developed by a team of experienced software developers like Richard Ells. Richards’s Ells has been successfully building digital business for many years. Other team members include Adam Atkinson, Dean Cole, and James Atkinson among others. Advisory of the platform includes Mark Robinson and Andy Denton. Mark has been directing private business and companies and Denton has been an online gaming consultant for over 20 years.

Electroneum token sale

The Electroneum token sale represents a unique opportunity for investors to invest in the Eletroneum. Using the app, it allows your online funds by receiving payments or sending payments with the convenience of a simple QR code scanning. The crowdsale or token sale is used to raise money development of the platform and for rewards.

Key features of Eletroneum

Eletroneum has two main features that outshine other features of the platform. The features are:

Super secure

If you happen to Google for Ethereum or Bitcoin hack, you will probably find dozens of stories about how cryptocurrencies were stolen. Electroneum doesn’t give hackers the opportunity to hack and steal currencies from the platform. Electroneum has developed an offline wallet where users can transfer the Electroneum token. They offline wallet are secure making it literally impossible to hack.

The easiest cryptocurrency to manage

Electroneum is one of the easiest cryptocurrency to manage. Transactions happen faster, and anonymously. All transactions and wallet content are protected from hackers’ prying eyes. You can download the app and start experiencing your first Electroneum coins into your wallet.

Eletroneum plans to build a better and easier to manage platform in the future. Right now they have already built an Electroneum blockchain that allows them to launch new, disruptive, features and technologies to the crypto market.


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