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Eidoo (EDO)


Eidoo (EDO) describes itself as a blockchain asset experience platform. Eidoo is a multi-currency wallet that has some nifty added features such as hierarchical deterministic support and a cryptocurrency exchange. The wallet is available in the iOS app store and at Google Play Store for Android devices. The Aim of Eidoo is to make it easier for users to manage the digital assets based on the blockchain technology. The wallet focusses on the ERC20 token and the Ethereum. However, in future, the company plans to add Bitcoin support to its wallet.

Eidoo features

Some of the features of Eidoo include:

  • HD support: Eidoo supports hierarchical deterministic structures means users can create sub-wallets at the same time keep the main wallet address private.
  • Easy management: the wallet makes it easy for users to read QR codes, send and receive digital currencies and share your addresses with friends.
  • Contact Lists: Eidoo stores all your Ethereum addresses in a single and standardized way.
  • Ethereum transaction History: users can view a list of all transactions you have made in various ERC20 tokens or Ether.
  • The Eidoo exchange: Eidoo has a decentralized exchange built. The built-in exchange is a hybrid exchange where users can cross-trade between the ERC20 and the ETH assets. The trade is done in a technological consistent atomic outcome and empathizes low fees.
  • Backups: users Eidoo funds are secured with a single backup passphrase
  • Private keys managed the users: every user is in change if managing their digital asset using their private key. The private keys are encrypted to their smartphone and they are not held by Eidoo.
  • Store ERC20 and Ethereum tokens: Eidoo supports the ERC20 and the Ethereum. Users can send and receive digital currencies through the Eidoo token.

The Eidoo token sale

The Eidoo token sale happened on October 4 to October 16, 2017. The company release EDO tokens that participants were allowed to buy. Eidoo is accepting ETH in exchanged for EDO tokens. The tokens were distributed to each token holder. Token holders were free to transfer the token only until the end of the ICO period.

Who is behind Eidoo?

Thomas Bertani leads Eidoo. He is the CEO and Marco Polci the COO and the co-founder. The founder of the platform is Natale Ferrara. The company official name is Eidoo Sagl and is based in Chiasso, Switzerland. It was founded in 2017.

Users can use the Eidoo wallet to send, receive and store tokens. Users can exchange tokens within the app and manage his or her investments.

Project is no longer live

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