What is Edgeless?

Edgeless (EDG)





Edgeless (EDG) is a decentralized platform that lets its users play casino based on smart contracts (rules and penalties that each party should follow). According to EDG’s developers, their primary goal is to make gambling cheaper for players. The platform is 100% transparent, which allows everyone who is part of EDG to see what’s going on inside the casino’s servers.


How EDG works?


One of the EDG’s feature is the 0% house edge, which means that games will be solely played based on luck and skill. It will give an advantage to players who don’t have any gambling experience. The house edge refers to the numerical advantage the game has over the players.


These guarantees return of percentage to the house during the play time, which means that there will be a percentage that you are not going to lose. On the other hand, if the players keep on making mistakes, the casino will earn a profit.

Edgeless video explanation


The platform provides an absolute anonymity, which means that there will be no registrations and logins required, you can use the EDG’s cryptocurrency wallet anonymously. According to its developers, one of the potentials that gambling players will enjoy about EDG is that it allows quick withdraws and money deposits, which means that they no longer have to wait for 1-3 days like the regular casinos do before remitting their money.


Legal Business Entity


Edgeless supports responsible and legal gambling, which means that the platform observes and abides the rules, regulations, laws for an online gaming network. Their products have certified RNG mechanism by the legal authorities, and they follow the conditions and strict terms to promote online responsible gambling.

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