What is EB3 Coin?

EB3 Coin


EB3 Coin is one of the centralized cryptocurrency that uses the blockchain based technology known as the altcoin. The EB3 Coin was launched in 2015 by a technology enthusiast and a crypto specialist known as K.C Ching. K.C CHING had the desire to achieve financial freedom. EB3 Coin is developed with an objective to overcome the limitations found on traditional financial systems. With reliability, privacy and security as its core features, the platform can achieve more than just financial freedom. Advantages of using EB3 Coin

Cryptographic protocol

EB3 Coin is a p2p global payment network that is based on the Scrypt algorithm using POW type. This method guarantees anonymity in all transitions. Its cryptographic protocol ensures the information exchanged on the system is encoded with both private and public keys protecting the identity of the sender and the receiver at the same time protecting the contents of the message from hackers. The cryptographic protocol allows the message to be seen only by the sender and the receiver. An unauthorized person cannot access the messages or any other data sent.


Another method that ensures privacy and security on the platform is the uses of encryption codes. All data on the EB3 Coin system are secured using encrypted codes to make sure that only specific persons can reveal the data. Even if hackers or unauthorized people get access to the data, they are unable to reveal the data. This means that user can be sure of total privacy and security when they are making transactions on the platform. They can also relax knowing that all transactions they make are direct to the intended person.


Unlike other altcoins, EB3 Coin has a finite supply of coins. Its supply is 786, 000, 000 coins. The demand adversity and the rule supply and the factors that affect the price of the EB3 Coin. With the increasing user base and growing demand, the supply of the coin is reducing but at the same time influencing the price of EB3. The coin has the potential to experience volatility as demands grow and acceptance increasing daily.

EB3 is the first trade friendly cryptocurrency that is not affected even if the price fluctuates according to EB3. The coins and the system work in a simple manner. It can be used in both C2C and B2C exchange. Investors, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can start trading minutes after creating their EB3 Coin wallet.

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