What is Earthcoin?

What is Earthcoin?

Earthcoin (EAC)




Earthcoin (EAC) is a form of digital cryptocurrency that is used as a medium of exchange, which allows users to transfer and receive funds in less than 30 seconds. The EAC promotes faster, cheaper, and more secure system compared to traditional banks. It is a decentralized platform, which means no single authority controls it. There will be no banks or intermediary involved to complete transactions, which leads to fewer fees to pay.


What makes EAC different from fiat currency such as Dollars and Euros is that no form of any government could stunt or accelerate the production of EAC coin. According to its developers, their primary goal is to connect people all over the world.


How EAC works?


Aside from the fact that EAC has fast transaction speed, it mimics the seasonal Earth cycles. The miner’s reward system mainly follows the 365-day period, which reflects the daily life in Earth when it moves around the sun. The EAC coins are being released to the miners when the equator is on the move.

Earthcoin video explanation 

The mechanism is based on a person to person network, in which an EAC user will have to pay a small fee cost in every successful transaction. All transactions can be completed extremely quickly, faster than the average debit card transactions which take 10-15 seconds to be specific.


To become an EAC user, you simply just have to open a wallet, where you can store, receive, and send funds to anyone in the world. According to EAC developers, they have purposely made their wallet easy to use so new crypto users will not find it difficult to know how to send and receive EAC coins.

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