What is E-Dinar Coin ?

E-Dinar Coin (EDC)


E-Dinar Coin (EDC) is one of the most rapidly developing cryptocurrencies in the world providing all people with the opportunity of daily earnings. According to EDC developers, their platform aims to teach people on how to make money on the growth rate and mining.

The cryptocurrency market of EDC is energy efficient; it is an open source network that is based on the blockchain technology. It does not require much energy to operate thus making it certified environmentally friendly.

They further added that cryptocurrency is the future of finance. It has entered the lives of millions of people and that they believe that soon E-Dinar coin can be used as a replacement for bills and coins, which people are familiar with nowadays.

Facts about the project

According to EDC’s latest news, they are happy to inform their users that they can gain some EDC coins just by paying a game, entitled “Treasure Hunter.” It is an E-dinar play, which a tiger plays as the main game character, who breaks chests and gets points in the match. Treasure Hunter can be easily downloaded from Google. The game is fun and is similar to the “Mario” game.

The terms and conditions of the game will be posted on its official website. With this match, mining EDC coins will be much easier and fun. One of the urban projects that EDC plans to accomplish is providing cities fresh air and clean water. It will invest some part of the platform’s income for the city’s environmental development.

At the time this was written the price of EDC was $.0.19 down from $1736 back in August 2016.

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