What is E-Coin?



Creating an end-user and business platform where all business can deal with other business or end users is not a simple thing. E-coin is a wide-ranging Blockchain project that is scheduled to acquire a way of making a better future for the financial transaction for HR, recruitment, finance, manufacture and other industries. The network is working the same BTC has made an evolution in the digital currency market. E-coin plans to reduce the cost of transactions and create the environment for fast and safe transactions. The network creates a B2B and B2C environment by using cryptocurrency.

Key feature found on the e-coin network

Transparency: the E-coin platform ensures decentralized transition and multiple security levels that guarantee all user full transparency and openness. Transparency is guaranteed to all business levels.

Ease of use: E-coin platform is user-friendly and simple with the best UI/UX practices. Users are able to buy, sell and send transactions with just a click

Non-volatile tokens: E-coin issue stable value to protect users from cryptocurrency market price volatility. The stable value gives the assurance of stable price.

Multi-currency transactions: E-coin allows users to transact Multi-currencies like GBP, AUD, and EUR AND USD. The network maintains its stability of price to allow for multi-currency transactions.

E-coin debit card:  E-coin tokens is a hyper-liquid and accessible all the time via the E-coin debit card. The card can be used for all transactions.

Wallet security: the e-coin wallet is very secure because it is E-coin developed with POS algorithm. The algorithm is secure than the POW Algorithm.

The aim of E-coin is to improve the status of the financial system by bringing an alternative to the traditional financial system. The network has been designed by a group of professionals who have over 120 years of combined experience in recruitment. The primary target of the E-coin network include: manufacturers

  • Maintenance companies
  • Warehousing
  • Service companies
  • E-commerce
  • Sport companies
  • Professional
  • Education
  • Building

Reasons for choosing the E-coin network

There are many reasons why anyone can choose to use the e-coin network. Some of the reasons include extremely faster transactions where you can send money to anyone within seconds. Eco-friendly with no more power-hungry mining hardware. Anonymous features that allow people to run their wallets and transact anonymously on Bitcoin and other platforms. These are just some of the reasons. The platform offer fats services, low fees transaction depending on the market conditions and reliable. E-coin gives you everything you need instantly.


For more information please go to E-Coin


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