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Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR)



Tokens.net  is a cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading world. The platform uses Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR). Tokens.net revolves around the DTR tokens.In addition, the ICO took place between November and December 2017. The platform is being developed by Madina Merlak, a Slovenian entrepreneur known for co-founding Bitstamp. Tokens.net aim to compete in the crowded world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

How does Tokens.net works?

Tokens.net introduces two key technologies to the cryptocurrencies trading world, the two keys include BTR Voice and Dynamic trading Rights. These technologies are used to trade ERC20 tokens and other digital currencies against each other. Since the platform revolves around the use of DTR tokens, the tokens act as vouchers which can be used to pay for future trading fees. AlsoThe Tokens.net whitepaper explains,” DTR tokens will represent a right to make a trade on our Tokens platform on any currency pair listed at any time in the future. The amount of trading you will be able to fund using a single token will be dynamically set, based on the market price of DTR at the moment of the trade.”

Clients who do not own DTRs will be charged a fee, which will be an equivalent amount of their traded currency will be transferred to DTR. Any DTR used will be burned on the Ethereum network using smart contracts built specifically for the purpose.

Features of Tokens.net

DTR liquidity

Users have the option of to either insert a sell order and wait for an automatic conversion or trade DTR that are subtracted as payable fees. The two features make the Tokens platform unique and provide constant liquidity and an automatic offset.

Trading volume transparency

Every trade on the platform burns a certain amount of DTR and the volume on the platform matches the number of tokens burned on a daily basis. Tokens are the most transparent cryptocurrency trading platform in the world.

DTR Voice

The Tokens platform asks the community for future decisions endorsements for the platform to decide on future crypto or other decisions that constitute the user experience. The purpose of the DTR Voice to help the platform organize voting’s where DTR is committed as voting ballots.

DTR Price, and token supply

The DTR price during the ICO period was I DTR equals $0.01. A total supply of 1.5 billion DTRs was available and the maximum supply was 3.75 billion. DTRs can only be purchased by ETH, BTC or XRP.


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