What is Dragonchain?

Dragonchain (DRGN)




Leveraging the power of the blockchain technology for real business initiatives is very risky and expensive. Dragonchain is a decentralized private blockchain platform that was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office in 2015 and 2015. The platform simplifies the integration of business applications onto the blockchain technology. Dragonchain provides features for easy integration, currency agnosticism, multi-currency support and protection of business data. The vision of Dragonchain is to provide an array of services and produces to the community and support areas of the market.

Benefits of Dragonchain

Dragonchain provides application developers with a commercial platform to rapidly and securely deploy Blockchain applications at the same time existing language development environments such as Python, Java, and Node. The Dragon architecture is designed to tremendously reduce the cost and increase the speed to market advantage. It also allows nodes to handle the approval of transactions based on levels. Other benefits of the platform include:

  • Faster speed to market, significantly higher levels of security
  • Higher scalability
  • Lower development cost utilizing existing development languages.

Dragonchain features

DragonFund incubator

Dragonchain has an incubation project as well as professional services to develop successful tokenization ecosystems that focus on long-term benefits.

Serverless deployment

With Dragonchain, they leverage their architectural design to provide users with a serverless platform for business use. The serverless deployment is a hybrid model that allows a serverless approach since most smart contracts are executed in a traditional model.


The Dragonchain currency is an internationally “currency agnostic”. The architecture of the currency defines the ability to create a blockchain without currency. The team behind Dragonchain has experimented with the currency and expect to make available interesting feature on the currency.

Dragonchain Token

Dragonchain uses the Dragon tokens. The dragons represent a tokenized license from interaction with the Dragonchain commercial platform. You can get all the services on the platform using the Dragon token. The token was issued and provided to the public during the open token sale that took place in 2017. Dragons will be used by organizations and developers to interact with each other. The token also supports the DragonFund incubator project.


Dragonchain is led by CEO and principle Architect Joe Roets. Joe has over 25 years of experience in software development design and architecture.

The Chief Business officer/ Business strategist is George Sarhanis, and lead developer, Brandon Kite. Developers on the platform include Dylan Yelton and Alex Benedetto. The marketing manager Asia /evangelist is Chin-One Chan.


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