What is Dovu?

Dovu (DOV)


Dovu (DOV) is an ecosystem that is fueled by data. The blockchain-powered platform plans to make a new circular economy using data as fuel. The idea behind Dovu is simple, having access to more data than ever. However, because there is trouble in sharing and transferring data efficiently. The project aims at changing how people share and transfer data. By maintaining a high-level security and making it easier to share data. The platform also uses a unique cryptocurrency that fuels the ecosystem. It allows for the seamless transaction of data between two people, the consumers and mobility services.

How does Dov Work?

The Dovu ecosystem works by connecting transport data like how the vehicle move and where they move. The project uses some of its key features such as the Dov coin. The Dovu marketplace and the Dovu-connected vehicle. How these features do makes Dovu a better platform.



The Dovu protocol allows individuals, organizations and IoT devices to control access to the data they share. They are rewarded in form of DOV tokens. The tokens, then feed back into the ecosystem through mobility related transitions.

Circulatory economy

The circulatory economy Dovu is applying means that the platform is applying blockchain technology that helps in transforming their thinking about data and mobility. In addition, the blockchain is used to verify the value contributing to the independence of an individual and for corporations. The end results mean that everybody is fairly rewarded for the contribution.


The ecosystem consists of the token, the protocol, and the API marketplace. It contains all the aspects of the Dovu platform. The ecosystem facilitates the development of mobility-related DApps.

Blockchain powered mobility

The agreement between organizations and individuals are defined using smart contracts. Individual and organizations can share and transact their mobility data in a transparent and controllable way. Also the protocol channels solve the challenge of managing value. The platform and the protocol open up development of an infinite number of mobility-related dApp.

DOV token

The DOV token is the center of the Dovu ecosystem. The value allows Dovu to create a new circulator economy linking consumers to data provides and also rewarding people who share data. To flourish the transport sector in the ecosystem, the team behind Dovu insist that users use the DOV token.

The team

Irfon Watkins is the founder and CEO of the company. He founded the Dovu ecosystem together with Arwen Smit and Krasina Mileva. Mileva and the COO and the legal counsel in the company while Smit is the CMO.

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