What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin (XDG)


Dogecoin (XDG) is a revolutionary digital currency. It can be sent quickly through the Internet from person to person with total security. With instant transactions, you can send coins from Melbourne to London or from Madrid to Hong Kong (places are used for examples only) in seconds.  It is simple and safe to use and is already accepted at online retailers, where you can buy gifts, groceries, services, etc.

    This cryptocurrency is a new, fun, and constantly growing a form of a digital crypto. It can be used to trade for other crypto coins and can be exchanged to US dollar as well. In addition, It is used with a wallet and is accessible on your smartphone, computer, and a website. It is secured, and the power is in control of the person who is using it.

    One of the key methods of XDG is called tipping. It refers to internet users who create, share, and spread great content all over the world and ask for a tip out of their content’s value. It can be similarly looked like a “like” “retweets” or an “upvote” with real value. Since other XDG users can send some cents in just a couple of seconds. It’s typically straightforward to use XDG, especially for creators of great content of blogs or films, they make us of XDG as a value like since they can ask their followers for some crypto donations.  

Dogecoin video explanation

About Dogecoin

      Doge is a slang term for the animal “dog” and was associated with a picture of Shiba Inus, who is a Japanese dog. It is believed that is all started with a joke when people tried to use the dog’s face in several memes that have spread around the globe quickly. When several cryptocurrency forum members noticed its popularity, they started to introduce an alternative crypto called Dogecoin, and it is based on the meme with the Japanese dog.

How XDG works?

      One of the key features XDG can offer is its ease of use when it comes to sending cash gifts to people all over the world. For instance, if you have just read the best comment on Twitter, you can send him/her 10 cents. If you want to purchase a new album, you can quickly send $10 to your favorite band. You can also conveniently send $100 to a charity that you support. There is no middleman to take a cut, and the transactions are completely anonymous. This internet currency allows every XDG user to receive money from time to time.

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