What is DNotes ?

What is DNotes ?

DNotes (NOTE)




According to DNotes (NOTE) developers, NOTE is not just a digital currency but a carefully executed business plan for a large-scale global project. The plan of activities includes the creation of a profit generating company. Every DNote in the ecosystem will stand as a small ownership of the business, which means that you will become a shareholder. This allows everybody involved in the DNotes platform benefit regardless of wealth status from NOTE’s success.  


Basically, NOTE is a platform that will help manage and heavily invest in the ongoing development of the NOTE currency ecosystem. It is a peer-to-peer system in which users will be allowed to send and receive payments that empower users to transfer funds with less expense and without having to wait for days for the receiver to receive the money.


What is digital currency?


Digital currency is the latest in online payments and money technology. A decentralized alternative to current monetary systems that makes money transfers faster, more secure, and cheaper than national back to currencies and they are not controlled by any third parties that could affect the decisions that influence the value of your money.

Dnote video explanation

NOTE is a business plan with a purpose; it works in a productive manner striving to reward its community. It allows all DNotes users to communicate with each other and feel comfortable to ask questions which will be answered by other NOTE users. It provides learning, and the feature could be quite useful for first-time digital users.

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