What is DMarket?



Statistics released recently by the gaming industry show that the number of people playing games on different platform and devices is increasing on a daily basis. The gaming industry is growing bigger and bigger. However, currently, the gaming universes are not connected which makes it very difficult for people playing games to trade and earn money. DMarket offers to bridge the gap by building a platform that is based on the blockchain technology and smart contracts that are user-friendly, secure and reliable. With one click user can sale, evaluate and exchange virtual items between gamers, regardless of the platform they use.

How the DMarket works

Because game universes are not connected in any way, DMarket offers a safe and easy way to trade between the game universes. The DMarket is building a global marketplace based on smart contracts and blockchain. Smart contracts connect all game worlds and universes without the interference of a third party while the blockchain ensures 100% safety and security. The DMarket token is the only currency used in the marketplace.

Using the API, game developers can connect their games to DMarket easily. The process will increase revenue, value and time spent on games. Gamers will finally have a chance of entering the global market with virtual items and create a new billion dollar marketplace in an instant.

The DMarket token

DMarket coin is the one token used on the platform. It represents the DMarket token. Every purchase, transaction, and exchanges on the platform will require users to only use the DMarket coins. Users will be able to perform things like:

  • Buying and selling in-game items
  • Buying premium accounts for individuals and wholesale sellers
  • Purchasing Big Data analytics
  • Delivering the sales commissions to owners

The number of the tokens is strictly limited.

DMarket partners

DMarket has partnered with other cryptocurrency platforms and blockchains in a bid to give users the best product in the cryptocurrency industry and the blockchain world. Some of the companies DMarket has partnered with include Pantera Capital, a bitcoin investment firm, 4A Games, GSC Game World, Latham & Watkins and Tatem Games.

Who are behind DMarket?

DMarket is led by a group of team comprising of Dr. Moe Levin, CEO of Keynote, Oren Klaff, Managing Director of intersection Capital, Igov Karev, CEO at Tatem Games, Oleg Yavorsky the co-founder of Vostok game development studio and Brian Kerr, who is the managing director of GL Ventures and the founder and CEO of Fnatic Gear among other team members.


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