What is Dimensions Network?

Dimensions Network (STC)



Dimensions Network (STC) is platform focused on building the next generation of cryptocurrency trading platforms. Moreover, the platform will support standard coin pairs, future contracts, exchange aggregator, options and much more. It also anticipates a great interest in a substantial return and new derivatives on investments. Dimensions Network has also created the Strike Coin which is a digital currency. Also the Strike Coin, also known as the STC is available for purchase in exchanges for ETH. Strike Coin token holder receive proportional shares of up to 15% of trading fees generated by the platform.

How does STC work?

The Dimensions Network provides a range of trading products and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and exchanges. Some of the features that the platform works include:

Diverse trading:

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to develop and grow. The desire for sophisticated hedging and speculating products increases. Dimensions Network offers advanced derivative trading products alongside other regular cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of these options include:

  • Regular trading
  • Future trading
  • Margin trading
  • Shorting
  • Options trading.

Exchange aggregator:

Dimensions Network offers the best price for any exchange. They have an exchange liquidity aggregator (ELA) to allow user buy and sell at best prices and best possible exchange at the time. With the ELA feature, users and trade using other exchanges with the platform and save themselves much needed time and effort from registering with multiple exchanges.

Fast and scalable:

Dimensions Network uses the Erlang to ensure maximum scalability and nonstop availability. The Erlang language is used by global stock exchanges to make sure the availability of platforms under extreme loading.

Centralized, decentralized liquidity sharing:

At Dimensions network, traditional centralized exchange meets decentralization. The Network describes its system as a centralized, decentralized liquidity sharing, which means getting lightning fast trading on the centralized platform and cryptography guaranteed decentralized exchange platform.

Multi-blockchain asset support:

Dimensions Network supports multiple blockchains. The company aims to launch a platform with bitcoin, USDT and Ethereum for coin pair trading, futures, and options.

Fiat funding and withdrawal:

Dimensions Network has a banking license allowing it to accept SGD, KRW, USD, EUR, and JDY.

Strike Coin token sale

The pre-sale took place in October 2017 and the main token sale is planned for January 2018. The platform launch is scheduled for Q1 2018. The company is seeking to raise 150,000 ETH with a maximum supply of 240 million STC during the main token sale. The exchange rate is set for 1 ETH = 800 STC, the platform is led by CEO Stephen Mullens, a corporate manager from the energy sector.

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