What is Dimcoin?

Dimcoin (DIM)



It is no doubt that everything is changing in the world, including the cryptocurrency market. The market has undergone tremendous development changes in recent years and new cryptocurrencies such as Dimcoin have made their way in the market. Blockchain technology stands as a forerunner of DIMCOIN as an industrial revolution. It is obvious that Dimcoin adds a mark of change in the cryptocurrency industry.

What is Dimcoin?

To be precise, Dimcoin is a cryptocurrency that is partial and offers access to its DIM-Ecosystem. Dimcoin is a platform that allows clients who are in a position to exchange Dimcoin to every acceptable fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The system is developed on the Proof-of-importance (POI) mechanism. This is a consensus mechanism that puts together characteristics believed to be valuable for the economy.

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A great factor worth recognition in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the efficiency of exchange of currencies. Dimcoin put this into consideration when they developed the system. They incorporated unique features into the system to make sure it accommodates all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Some of the features they incorporated in the system include:


The diversity of Services: Dimcon (DIM) has diversified services due to the fact that it has its marks in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The diversity of services includes debit cards procurement, cryptonization of equity, cryptocurrency trade, stock exchange trading, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, equity trading and management, and inter-business transactions.

Value: the value of the DIM currency is attached to the value of the dominated fiat currencies. With DIM currency, assets and denominated and valued in DIM currency.

Customer convenience: there is no reason for customers to manage tallying change or pull back money after installation. Clients can send out large amounts of cash from the Dimcoin wallet without any difficulties.

Top-notch security: Dimcoin developers took serious consideration of the security of the platform and DIM coin. They eliminated middle-men leaving central banks as the sole holder of all finances.

Dimcoin goals and objectives

Dimcoin has one primary purpose, to erase inefficiency of the cryptocurrency exchange and boost the speed of access to the market. The company is also driven by the goal of being a fast developer, most reliable and user favorite cryptocurrency solution. They target at least 1% of the global trading process to be on the DIM ecosystem by the year 2019. Lastly, by 2020, Dimcoin want the DIM ecosystem to be listed on the world markets.

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