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DEW (Decentralized Exchange of the World)




Trading of Blockchain assets involves investment risk and are high and some big exchanges do not guarantee credit endorsement from blockchain assets. Also, there are possibilities that blockchain asset price can crash to zero. DEW is a type of trading exchanged that guarantees use their security when trading on the exchanges because it is based on Ethereum smart contracts. What is DEW and how does it work?

What is DEW?

DEW (Decentralized Exchange of the World) is a worldwide decentralized exchange that provides trading services in futures, global securities and blockchain assets. Users of the exchanged will be able to trade and hold more than a thousand sorts of blockading assets, foreign exchange, stocks, ETF and other varieties of assets on the exchange. Currently, the platform is in Bate and the DEW team plans to launch it once it finishes performing all the test needed. For every transaction conducted, users will get commission fees generated. Users can use ETH and EOS to purchase DEW tokens and they can also get the token in form of rewards. It is a business ecology center for connecting the blockchain and the real world

How does DEW work?

DEW works in a similar way as other cryptocurrency exchanges but a slightly different way when it comes to users’ equity, user’s equity can be traded in DEW ecology in a fair and decentralized way. The value of Equity is discovered in DEW in the blockchain world. In a sense, according to the official website, “DEW is the Global Securitize Price Center (GSPC).” It has shelves that include listed company, bulk commodity, and blockchain assets. The shelves pass through DEW GPSC to publish blockchain securities prices (RBS).

The DEW token

The DEW token is based on the ERC20 token standard. It is issued by the DEW ecology. A total value of 200 million DEW token is available for anyone who wants to buy them. The token is the basic token on the exchange, which means it’s the only token used to pay for the transaction in the DEW platform. The token is also the only token used for trading with other digital currencies, fiat currencies, futures contracts, and stocks.


DEW it led by CEO Victor Ruzi, Ruzi has over 5 years’ experience working on cryptocurrencies. He also has been actively involved with cryptocurrencies for nearly two decades. The CTO of the ecology is Elie Draper, a venture-backed entrepreneur for over 15 years.


Warning!!! It came to our attention that potentially that the members are a fiction characters, we tried to reach out to get a solid confirmation but with no luck.


Please do some further investigation before proceeding with this project.

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