What is Devery?

Devery (EVE)




Devery is considered the most powerful blockchain that provides its clients the benefits of a very advanced verification protocol of products. The businesses benefit from the platform as it has unique and advanced features. Devery platform is also reliable in terms of obtaining products. Being a product verification protocol, Devery can be used by both businesses and consumers. They both gain various benefits from using the platform

Benefits to businesses

Businesses can only ensure produce is authentic through the process of finding suppliers. The platform allows organizations sell their products via e-commerce to ensure the supply chain is secure. This will process ensures supply agreements are honored and prevent counterfeit supply agreements.

Benefits to consumers

Consumers using Devery have the ability to ensure the time they have purchased is legitimate before it is posted to them. The system removes some of the issues encountered when using traditional method and provides on pine retailers legitimate items. Consumers can check items bought, and validity using the Devery platform before even purchasing the product.


  • Secure distribution: supplier on the Devery platform must make sure they honor their terms of distribution so that their items can be marked as legitimate. This allows for organizations brand value to remain untarnished.
  • Counterfeiting protection: items bought using the Devery platform can no longer be counterfeited before purchase. The possibility of counterfeiting is greatly diminished when using the platform.
  • Supply chain technology: Social conscious business can opt to provide locations of products throughout the supply chain. The process is done in the most transparent method diminishing any reasons for doubt.
  • Verification: Devery has a protocol to verify the authenticity of all products. The protocol verifies the entire unique ID that retailers have during the selling process. This, together with counterfeit protection helps customers verify the authenticity of any products as all retailers are required to show unique ID for the products.

Devery aim

The main aim of Devery is to offer users with a secure platform and help in keeping away troublesome users bad fake or counterfeit products from consumers. Devery ensures all product agreement are gratefully welcomed from both ends, including the manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

EVE token

Devery uses the EVE token. EVE token is a native token of the Devery platform. It is the backbone of the platform which allows organizations to power the verification of products. The Devery platform and EVE token were founded by Andrew Rasheed, who is also the product Lead.


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