What is Dent?





DENT coin is a new cryptocurrency that is behind the world’s first mobile data exchange. DENT promises to disrupt the world’s mobile data industry. It seeks to disrupt all the telecommunication industry worldwide. The DENT coin was launched on July 12 after the start of its crowd sale. The crowdsale lasted until July 26, 2017. DENT platform is a product of the DENT Wireless Limited. The goal of the company it to liberate mobile data by enabling people to donate, purchase and sell data through the Ethereum blockchain. The coin is the center of all the transactions and services on the platform. It is a universal digital coin for data markets.

Problems that DENT promises to solve

The global telecommunication industry is turning out to be less efficient and more costly because of issues facing the industry. DENT hopes to make the industry less costly and more efficient by solving problems such as:

Disruption of international roaming

Dent will facilitate the removal of data roaming cost drivers such as the expensive routing cost between telecommunication providers.

Liberation of mobile data

DENT want to make the DENT coin a worldwide currency for mobile data. This means that users can send the tokens to telecommunication providers in exchange for data. The token will also enable a data sharing economy where DENT coin holders will freely sell, buy and donate mobile data to any user they wish.

Automated mobile data purchase

Consumers and IoT devices and purchase data packages from DENT. Users will always get the best prices from a suitable operator in their region. They don’t have to worry about buying too little or too many data.

The team behind DENT coin

The DENT platform was founded by CEO Tero Katajainen, an experienced software architect, and serial entrepreneur. Other key members include Mikko Linnamaki and Andee Vollmer both of them Co-founders. The DENT Wireless Ltd the company behind DENT coin is based in Hong Kong.

DENT mobile App

DENT mobile App is the center of the DENT ecosystem. The App is available for Android devices on Google Play Store and iOS at Apple Store. The app has an easy-to-use interface and the user wallet for DENT tokens. You need to register your number and verify in order to start using the platform.

The Dent coin takes the first effort to democratize the world of mobile data. It makes it easy for people from all walks of life to trade mobile data in a P2P manner.

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