What is DeepOnion?

DeepOnion (Onion)



DeepOnion is a community-driven project with an aim of producing a unique privacy conscious crypto-currency. The project can be integrated into the TOR network via the anonymous cryptocurrency DeepOnion. The project includes groundbreaking features such as Deep Send to aid security and anonymity with DeepOnion, users can send and receive ONIONs overs the TOR network. The coin offers you guaranteed safety and anonymity and you can receive or send private transactions using the DeepOnion wallet.

What are the benefits of DeepOnion?

Instant Confirmations: users can send and receive payments instantly. They no longer need to wait for hours or even several minutes to receive payment confirmations. DeepOnion also allows users to send transitions worldwide and quickly.

Highly Secure transactions

The DeepOnion offer its users a highly secure wallet designed to keep your identity safe and secure from prying eyes including government agencies.

Secure Wallet

Users can download a secure wallet for Mac, Linux, and Windows. If needed, you can also access a paper wallet available for users who wish to use them.

Untraceable payments

Users can hide their identity and send and receive payments. All transactions of the platform can also be made private and sent through the TOR network.

Cryptopia, Kucoin, Bisp and more

If you want and place to trade your ONIONs, DeepOnion can be traded and exchanged on Cryptopia, KuCoin, Bisp, Stocks Exchange and much more. Users are able to easily transact DeepOnion with ease using the above exchanges.

Free Airdrop

POS, POW and No ICOs meaning free coin distribution. DeepOnion also offers 40 rounds of free airdrops to users on the platform.

Key features


The Deep Vault is an information store held within the DeepOnion Blockchain. The feature is used to make sure data is immutable, forever. It also allows Onion members to store hashes of files within the blockchain. This benefits users by allowing them to verify file’s integrity over time.


DeepSend allows users to send and receive untraceable payments. DeepSend uses a multi-signature method to hide the trace of transactions. DeepOnion is adopting a tried and tested technology trusted by already existing users.


With VoteCentral, DeepOnion community defines new features and all the direction of DeepOnion project.

DeepOnion Timeline

The DeepOnion project was pre-announced in July 2017 and everything from formally been launched, Blockchain, mining, website launch and much more happened in the time. In Q4 2017, the blockchain launched the DeepVault and the release of whitepaper happened in Q1 2018. The project also plans to support Zero knowledge protocol, smart contract, and stream Media actions in Q3 2018 and beyond.


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