What is DeepBrain Chain?

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)




Most crypto platforms are leveraging the power of the Blockchain technology, but DeepBrain Chain is doing it in a different way. DeepBrain Chain is leveraging the Blockchain technology to develop a decentralized, private and low-cost AI computing platform. They also use the technology to provide users with perfect peripheral products. The DeepBrain Chain project in other terms is a decentralized neural network and an Artificial Intelligence blockchain driven computing platform. The vision of the project is to provide a private, flexible, low-cost, secure and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products.

Features of DeepBrain Chain

Privacy protection

People who use the project are guaranteed of the privacy as the platform uses smart contracts to separate data ownership and usage rights. The process helps them ensure the security of data transfers via separation of mechanisms and crypto-algorithms.

Low cost

Miners’ main income will come from them supplying computing resource to the network. In turn, they will receive DBC token as compensation after the nodes’ computing power is used. The system provides users and enterprises with lower cost computational power.


The DeepBrain Chain nodes work well and there is no data leakage of any kind. The network makes sure that AI factory’s operation is not interrupted even by hackers.

 Flexible computing

DeepBrain Chain adjusts itself automatically when computational demands peak by utilizing idle nodes.

Advantages of using Deep brain Chain

There are many advantages of using the DeepBrain Chain. Some of them as listed on the official website include:

  • Mode innovation: being the world’s first AI computing platform built using the blockchain technology. It utilizes a new innovation in the intersection of cryptocurrencies and AI.
  • Top Scientists: the network was awarded first place in the concluded SMP2017 in the enterprise sector. The completion had more than 30 participates.
  • Product landing: the DeepBrain Chain network created the DeepBrain Cloud Platform that acts like amazon’s Alexa.

Who is behind DeepBrain Chain?

According to the official website, DeepBrain Chain network is led by investment institutions. The investment institution includes the GSR Ventures Investment Institutions, GOBI Partners investment institutions, Collin star Capital Investment institutions, Strategic partners investment institutions and the Blockchain ventures investment institutions. The project has formed a partnership with other companies in the blockchain technology. The partnerships include NEO council partnership and the reviewed by Columbia blockchain lab partnership.

The DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural network with countless mining nodes across the world. The aim of the platform is to supply computational power for AI use in a bid to meet worldwide enterprise demand.



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