What is Decred?

Decred (DCR)




Decred (DCR) is a form of multi-platform digital cryptocurrency with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It has an easy to set up a wallet that enables users to receive, send, and mine DCR in just a few clicks. DCR can be summed up as a finite number of coins with complete decentralization governance and a place for participants to share their views.

According to its developers, the government system’s goal goes far beyond miners with representation inside and outside voices in the community with the opinion a decentralized ledger is only the first step in the process of a genuinely free coin. There will be a strong foundation in which the development can take with the DCR blockchain.

How DCR works?

The development funding allows the developers to be paid directly by the Blockchain itself, which means that if you’re part of Decred’s users, you will be given directly from the blockchain since you have worked correctly on their Blockchain technology.

The user can easily download the wallet, which is easy to use. There will be holding of stake or getting shares and voting systems involved, where you can share your view with other DCR users. The user will only get paid if the Decred community desires to do so.  

Decred Video Explanation

DCR is has a reward sharing system, which the awards are split between miners, stakeholders, and the organizations. Some of the portions will be dedicated to improving community projects. The users will be allowed to mine currency or become a stakeholder of the DCR.

Mining refers to the process in which transactions are being validated on the DCR network; this is done to keep all the transactions secure. In return, the miners will be rewarded with the DCR tokens.

Decred is working to a more enhanced privacy of their users; they are also putting in the work for the overall development that will continue to meet the wants and needs of the DCR project community for the upcoming years to come. These are just some of the features and plans they are working to complete for the year of 2017.

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