What is DECENT ?

Decent (DCT)



A growing trend of decentralized platforms and organizations is changing the global playing field. A widespread adoption of crypto-solutions and blockchain technology are being devised on a daily basis. The diverse range of applications is being used to solve various challenges in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. In 2015 a Slovakian team of two IT developers Matej Boda and Matej Michalko decided to build the DECENT (DCT) initial coin offering. By using this coin, the team devised a way of investing via crowdsourcing in a digital asset underpinned by a blockchain-based platform. So what is DECENT (DCT) and why should you consider investing in it?

What is DECENT (DCT)?

DECENT is a decentralized Content Distribution platform that utilizes blockchain to ensure security. It provides an investment opportunity to the digital token the DCT. Those seeking to participate in DECENT investment opportunity must first create an account with DECENT. They don’t have to pay anything to create an account, the subscription is free. Participants can choose to use other cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin. All the rules and regulations are specified in the ICO guide.

DECENT digital revolution

DECENT was created with the goal to change the way people share ideas and information all over the internet. DECENT claim to have positioned itself at the front towards fully integrated digital content distribution. Combined with the strength of blockchain technology, it enables censorship free micro payments for direct exchange of value between consumers and content creators.


Decent video explanation

DECENT mission

DECENT aims to solve current problems within the worldwide content distribution. They want to become the link between various industries by bridging the existing gap between the blockchain ecosystems. DECENT has allowed for independent and borderless content distribution which has been used to keep all data and information private and confidential. By using strong cryptography, they have been able to prevent any third parties from reading sensitive information thus ensuring security throughout the process

Why use DECENT (DCT)?

While there are good reasons for anyone to choose DECENT, the beneficial aspects are the best reasons for using the platform. DECENT protocol provides a higher level of trust and security to existing platforms that implement it into their system. While they can still keep their features, they content flow and payment is based on a blockchain-driven content distribution platform. It is purported to ensure independence of service, stability and time-stamped data recording. Multiple applications are realized on the platform to build the protocol implementation and infrastructure support for app developers.

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