What is Debitum Network?

Debitum Network (DEB)




Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the way in parties companies and small business transfer value to one another. Many startups are using tokenization and ICOs to raise capital to fund new and innovative platforms. Crypto has also made it possible for individuals to lend capital to each other by disrupting the way these individual transfer values. Debitum Network is a new ICO aiming to create a new level and streamlined platform that allows people to lend capital without the fees associated with traditional lending. These will make impossible for businesses around the world to access financing.

The Network also aims to function as a platform which offers borderless small business financing. It wants to leverage the dynamic and power of the blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to small businesses. Another thing the Debitum Network wants to do is to wrestle control away from centralized banking institutions and inaccessible, over-regulated nature of credit from incumbent banking platforms.

How does it work?

All users need to do is to contribute to Debitum Network and receive DEB tokens. The well-constructed ICO is backed by large, establishes financial and IT firms. This allows the network to leverage the power of the blockchain technology to help SME businesses grow their profits together with the Debitum Network.


The ICO was used to generate the capital needed for the development and launch of the platform. One billion DEB token was released during the ICO that ended on December 30th, 2017.  The platform was able to hit their 20, 000 ETH target during the crowdsale.

Benefits of Debitum Network

The Debitum network has the best benefits that any cryptocurrency users can enjoy. Aside from offering users with more possibility and less vulnerability, Debitum also aims at

  • Solving 2 trillion USD credit gap for small businesses worldwide.
  • Raised more than 2 million USD in 2 hours of the crowdsale
  • All products in development will be ready for the official launch.
  • Better, stronger, smarter and much faster in uniting borrowers and those who help them apply. Professionals and companies can connect-in for free and define facilitating cross-border deals immediately.
  • Build as a hybrid platform through the Ethereum blockchain which makes the platform secure and incorruptible.

DEB token economy

Based on the DEB token usage, users can gain loans. The total number of tokens needed to buy DEB tokens will surpass the total ability to sell DEB tokens, thus creating an upward pressure on DEV token price.

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