What is Databis?

Databits (BTB)


Most people see playing games online as a complete waste of time and money. Making money online playing games has never worked for many people because either they are not interested or there is no platform online that helps people make money. However, making money online has never been this easier. The traditional methods of creating a website and the hustle people go through to come up with one has made people avoid the process. However, there is one way you can successfully invest in initial Coin Offering and start making money.

The ICO is growing. Companies are getting involved in its market and deal. One company that is changing the ICO and how people make money online playing games is Databits. Databits is cryptocurrency used in the Augmentors Game ICO. It is Bitcoin backed blockchain that is the currency of the game. To participate in the Augmentors Game ICO, you have to buy Databits (DTB) tokens and use them as the currency. The currency comes with a counter Party wallet.

What is the Augmentors Game?

Augmentors game is a brand new game for android IOS other mobile devices. It uses the augmented reality. Thanks to Pokémon GO, most people understand how Augmented reality works, the way it brings things to life by using a mobile device. To successfully participated, an app is needed on your device. Now people can Augmentors game at the same time get all the details about the project. The game first appeared on the Shark tank episode in South Africa.


Databits crowdsale

Only 100 million Databits were available on the last crowdsale, but there were more in circulation. After the crowdsale, the remaining tokens were sent to an unspendable address instantly shortening the Databits in circulation. When 100, 000 000 DTB are created, 70% of the DTB is sold. 30% is kept aside for development and promotion purposes. If the 70% Databits are unsold completely, the remaining will be burnt (sent to unspendable address). The rest of the DTB, the company uses on marketing and development to benefit the game. Under no circumstance will the tokens sale benefit the company.

People who bought Databits from other players in the Augmentors game or from the token sale/crowdfunding sale are able to trade them on blockchain and exchange them for other currencies in the crypto market. DTB token can be used to purchase augmentors blockchain-based skins relics and creatures.

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