What is Dash?

Digital Cash (Dash)


Dash is a form of digital cash. Money exchanges on a highly open-source peer-to-peer network. It is the first form of Digital Cash that works just like real cash. Your money isn’t held in a central banking organization. Instead, you keep your money safely. And efficiently giving you full control over what happens to it. It means that you have total privacy when it comes to your purchases. Your transactions can’t be tracked by any organization .Furthermore any curious third parties. In other words, your information is securely private.

Another great benefit is that transactions can occur instantly, there’s no need for you to wait for the typical bank transaction days, it can naturally happen in seconds. Money changes hands right away, just like giving real cash when making a purchase. It is truly fungible, it is the first true working form of digital cash, which means it works in private and makes transactions fast and secure. With Dash, fees are meager, almost non-existent. The reason is that no bank is sitting in the middle of everything and back charges exorbitant fees. Instead, you’ve got the power to send it instantly.

How does Dash work?

Anyone in the world can use Dash and at any time. To start using it, you simply just have to download the wallet it free of charge, and you can start to buy yourself some good and services. Contribute to projects and charities or send money to friends and family members and there are many more transactions that you can do with Dash. It is a digital cash that lets you transact without boundaries, and you don’t have to worry about fees that you have to pay for middlemen like banks or persons.

Dash video explanation

DASH and its history

Dash started in the mid-winter month of January, the year 2014. It was then called Darkcoin by its developer named Evan Duffield, who’s one of the top leading cryptocurrency developers. The Dash coins created a feature called Dash Send, which will be soon referred or rebranded to as Private Send.

The Dash coins are compatible with all existing wallet software and merchant exchange. Since its launch back at 2014, it has successfully created a function branded as the Instant Send, which provides a quick confirmation in just 1.3 seconds to Miners or users who want to make a transaction or who want to pay a special fee.

Dash and its Algorithm

Dash’s block time is in every 150 seconds and estimating the coin’s mining difficulty, it is found out that it can be adjusted to every one block with the use of an algorithm branded as the Dark Gravity Wave. Its algorithm is referred to as the X11, and its hash rate can roughly react about 500 Giga hashes in every second. Another promising significant development Dash is looking forward into is referred to as the Evolution, which will be released in the late months of the year 2017.

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