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Dappbase is a free, operational platform that provides libraries and infrastructure that allows people, especially developers to build and promote powerful enterprise and consumer applications that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main purpose of the platform is to build high-performance infrastructure and decentralized apps on the Ethereum Network. Whether you are creating a decentralized exchange, financial services or running an ICO (initial coin offering), the Dappbase platform provides scalable access to the blockchain infrastructure and accelerates the building process.

What does Dappbase plan to achieve

Dappbase plans to achieve the things which are:

Faster development

Dappbase plan to help developers build accessible Dapps without the need to manage Ethereum node infrastructure, transaction-signing, and wallets. All the process happened on the platform under the hood.

Mobile-ready Apps

Dappbase also helps is opening up a marketplace for decentralized apps. Your decentralized app can be checked and accessed by over 3 billion users around the world.  The marketplace will provide a seamless user experience. The potential demand for a Dappbase-powered decentralized app has been increasing since the beginning of 2017 and it continues to increase due to the massive untapped populations, particularly in developing nations. This gives developers a staggering opportunity for growth.

Smart contract integrations

Dappbase uses APIs for simple integration of smart contracts for your mobile apps and web applications. They provide iOS, JavaScript and Android for fast implementing of the smart contract.

Project transparency

Dappbase is committed to initiatives that promote greater confidence and good governance in the growing cryptocurrency sector. It is a member of the project transparency initiative that aims at creating a self-regulated, industry-led movement toward accountability and greater transparency. The list of players in the project Transparency is growing daily.

Commitment to community

The vision of Dappbase is to drive innovation and facilitate new technologies on its platform. The platform will serve as a compelling disruptive platform by supporting and empowering developers and the Ethereum community. Dappbase is perfectly placed to grow alongside other decentralized blockchain technologies.

The pricing model of Dappbase

Dappbase plans to introduce a subscription model in 2018. Until then, Dappbase is free to everyone who wants to use it.


Dappbase blockchain platform was founded by two people, Taiyang Zhang and Loong Wang. Zhang is also the CEO while Wang is the CTO. The team includes developers, marketers, and advisors. The Advisors are Dorjee Sun, Loi Luu, and Arthur Gervais. Developers are Noah Ingham, Blockchain Developer, Matt brown product Developer and Yunshi Sun Software Developer among others.


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