What is CVCoin?

CVCoin (Crypviser)


Crypviser (CVCOIN) is a blockchain based first ever encrypted network for both the business and social communication. The network is a disruptive, encrypted all-in-one network. Crypviser is professionally designed to meet the need and highest standards of the cryptography for securely exchanging and storing all kinds of data including audio, video calls and instant chats. Crypviser simplifies and introduces a range of encrypted products for the B2B and B2C markets. The products can be accessed by financial institutions and governments, secret services and other big corporations.

Features found on Crypviser network.

There are many features on the Crypviser network. Some are already available on the platform and others will be added as the platform continues to grow. Some of these features include:


The Crypviser network is extremely secure. The network has unbeatable security models and cryptography that are based on modern and most reliable encryption algorithms and protocols.

Blockchain authentication

Crypviser has patent-pending algorithms based on the blockchain technology. The algorithms are true keys authentication and help in protecting against MITM attacks and identity theft.

A Unified solution

The Crypviser network is an all-in-one solution, meaning it provides all the necessary capabilities and features for business and social communication such as secure video calls, instant messaging, file sharing, group calls, Audios and much more.

Local security

Users can access an independent encrypted local storage on their devices to securely store sensitive data. The independent encrypted local storage protects user’s data from data loss due to malicious software and physical damage.

Trusted finance

Crypviser has an app. Once you download the app you can access the crypto wallet that allows users to safely manage, keep and transfer tokens using the CVPay system. The CVPay system is a secure, fast and anonymous money transfer system

Crypviser network team

Crypviser is led by Vadim Andryan who happens to be the founder. Mr. Andryan has broad experience and knowledge in the data encryption field and computer science. The team also comprises of Waldemar Konradi co-founder and director and Eduard Schutz co-owner and investor. The lead developer is Victor Gubin also a software engineer and leading android developer and Dmitri Vaisband who is the business consultant and a coach.

Crypviser ICO

Their ICO campaigns offer investors a great opportunity to invest in CVCoins. Investors can purchase the coins during the ICO and sell them using their web accounts to other users and gain a profit. They can also exchange the CVCoins on listed cryptocurrencies market exchanges.

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