What is Curecoin?

Curecoin (CURE)


Making money from hashing  is great .But curing cancer, Huntington’s, Alzheimer and preventing viruses is awesome but difficult without the help of Curecoin. It is a cryptocurrency based coupling SHA256 mining. Meaning it can help cure cancer and other diseases by mining it. It is a new coin and has the potential to grow even further.  And become one of the best crypto coins available. Curecoin is known as CURE. Supported and mined by cancer-curing research.

What are the benefits that it provides?

Most coins are either on the ASIC stage or the CPU/GPU stage. Curecoin is a cryptocurrency coin that is earn through both the CPU and the GPU. Before earning bathe Curecoin, you need to start folding. People who are folding are called folders. Folders use high-end CPUs and GPUs to fold protein and earn a number of coins that are set aside for their contributions. Miners are able to mine with SHA256 ASICs as usual and use them to secure blockchain for the Curecoin network.

Whether you still have the CPUs and GPUs or you are heavily-invested in ASIC equipment, you can participate in the mining of the Curecoin. Due to the nature of folding, GPUs and CPUs will always be relevant meaning any investment in consumer hardware won’t be wasted.

What are the differences between Curecoin and other digital currencies?

There are many reasons why Curecoin is better or different from other digital coins. Some of these differences include:

  • Curecoin allows both holder of ASIC and CPU/GPU hardware to earn. ASICs are good at securing a blockchain while putting CPUs and GPUs to work with items that can done on them.
  • Curecoin supports a secure blockchain, which means it is supported by scientific research. There are no central authorities on the platform.
  • Cure coin has an intrinsic value both as a system and a currency for purchasing a tradable representation of medical research.
  • Similar to the idea of carbon offsets, people can buy Curecoin which represents a proportional amount of medical and scientific research. The value imbued into each unit for of the currency it represents.

As time goes on, their amount of folding done increases and the amount of research that each coin represents grows too. The project does not employ, own or work for a specific cryptocurrency trading exchange. However, CURE is available on Bittrex and Livecoin. The coin does not control coins at these exchanges and for any discrepancy must be settled with the exchange.

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