What is Cryptum?



Cryptum is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that involves a network of interlinked projects. The platform host a number of different projects from mining ventures to board gaming among others. The Cryptum ICO happened on September 16, 2017. The team announced projects that include a lineup of the board of games, a coin project, and a mining operation. According to the Cryptum team, they describe themselves as a team that has experience in the cryptocurrency field. They have long-term hobbyist and they have been in the board gaming business since 2010.

Why Cryptum?

It’s innovative

Most traditional and modern ICOs are tied to either huge and hype successes, other they become objects of trade speculation and lose value. Cryptum is backing their tokens with interlinked projects to guarantee profits to token holders. This means token holder and users will get back more than what the token cost.

Its great multi-project ICO backed by business

The project tokens are backed by products. Users get optional shares of all projects profits and bonus free games.

Mixes long-term investments with fats returns

A mining farm on the platform serves both as a long-term sustainable source so income for the platform and also a fast returns source for token owners. This step was considered because the board games business picks up slowly and something was needed to start dripping precious ETH back to token owners sooner.

Cryptum projects

Cryptum board games

The Cryptum platform is planning to launch a series of board games. Cryptum tokens will serve as a subscription for free worldwide access for board games and used to fund an expanding board games product line.

Profitable projects

Cryptum wants to add an inherent value to their crypto token by creating a network of projects. The projects include mining ventures, board games, new crypto coin and much more. All the projects are guaranteed to succeed and to help the platform and ecosystem to succeed.

Great value

Cryptum token offers great value even outside the available exchanges. By backing the tokens with real products, the token has gained unprecedented value. The platform used the token to pay for 20-25% of their projects total value. The paying is optional.

Who is behind it?

Cryptum is led by the Inistrad Ltd. Inistrad Ltd is a board game company that was founded in 2013. The company specializes in board games, hobby products, and miniature games. It is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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